Fidelity International

The Global Design portal is an excellent tool at presenting a clear and succinct message to our key stakeholders. The portal is easy to understand, has some additional capability such as the calculator that makes interaction very easy and quick to understand the message.

It’s genius is in holding the interests of the user through its interaction and intuitive design giving control over the user to ‘surf’ the subject at their pace and direction but always giving them visibility of the navigation options.

The content management system used means there are multiple ways to work your way through the content. This makes the platform as relevant to the ‘millennial wizard’ as it is to the less able, more traditionalist architect.

Layering your message is vital and through a period of sound advice and guidance from SuperByte we were able to not only learn the mechanics of building the portal very quickly but in my case learnt new and valuable skills in how to present a message. The design guide facility is particularly valuable at cascading through information giving high level overviews before enabling different groups to drill down in to the detail.

The project functionality has enabled us to hold conference calls and drive the content through the portal. Gone are the days of receiving multiple large emails and having to be directed to the right drawing by opening the file with the right drawing number.

I credit the success of the portal to its ease of use, simplicity and visual impact at telling a story.

Jamie Davis Fidelity International Change Manager


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