Real Estate MIS platform is a highly intuitive and fully scalable cloud-based platform designed to capture and connect multiple streams of workplace real estate information, from staff profiles, occupancy and brand guidelines to complex operational metrics on buildings, projects, teams and assets.

Its powerful interface enables multi-site teams based anywhere in the world to gather and share critical real estate and workplace data to centralise processes and improve operational efficiency by over 30%, and because the platform captures data at source, it mitigates errors and enables quick access to critical workspace information.

Improve Global Communications

Gather, communicate and share information between multi—site teams and departments from one central resource, keeping critical content and data in one place.

Improve User Interaction

Our fast, intuitive and highly responsive portal presents visual, graphical information and clearly defined datasets, making it easy to use and update on multiple devices.

Improve Operational Efficiency

View and measure data on everything from team performance to real estate assets and projects to make evidence-based decisions and improve efficiency.

Improve Data Ownership

Using one central platform not only keeps all your data in one place, but ensures you maintain full ownership of it, without it being stored by third party providers.

Our cloud-based platform can be configured and personalised to suit individual client requirements, right down to your preferred terminology - so that it looks and feels like an in-house programme.


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Maintain Design Standards

Our interactive Design Guide feature provides an intuitive user journey to ensure global design standards. The design guide can be quickly and easily updated in-house to keep all information current.

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Manage Multiple Properties

Our platform features a scalable interactive map with a Global Locations feature, allowing you to easily view, manage and inform multiple-property sites and enabling both central and localised content management.

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Co-ordinate Projects

The Projects feature provides users with clear, step-by-step project process guidance throughout a project and enables both standardised delivery and local site delivery, with easy access to documents, tools and team expertise.

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Calculate Complex Metrics

Our Workplace Calculators provide a user-friendly view of complex data, enabling you to run strategic scenarios based on actual metrics or using the detailed real estate data collected through the platform.

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Integrate Sensors

Our platform allows you to integrate workspace and site-based sensors to track real-time data. The Sensors feature was developed with our partners INOVU, who have 30 years’ experience in selecting the most innovative technology.

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Book Meeting Spaces

The Space Booking feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing room booking systems and calendars in Google, Office 365 and Exchange. We can also create bespoke systems to suit specific needs.

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Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Our Content Management System allows external data feeds to be placed within any content area. Unique data feeds can be adapted to integrate with our own dashboard views.

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Simplify Geo-refrerenced Data

Our powerful platform can recognise images without a network connection, enabling On-Device Recognition and tracking to simplify working with geo-referenced data.

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Evaluate Multi-site Facilities

Our platform pulls together disparate building databases to give you a comprehensive multi-site overview and detailed data on individual sites, functions, conditions and maintenance costs – so you can measure their performance against a yearly budget.

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Run Staff Surveys 

From measuring staff engagement to gathering opinions, the intuitive Survey feature is a valuable tool which generates visual profiles on individuals, teams and departments. Select a standard template or build and launch your own custom-built survey.

Full Training & Support

We are a small, fearless and inquisitive team who enjoy challenging the status quo. We believe that connecting your workspace data shouldn’t have to be an overly complicated and lengthy process. We challenge outdated approaches by taking our clients through clear, straightforward implementation phases, each designed to ensure a smooth transition.

Working with SuperByte gives you access to full training and support in implementing and embedding your new platform, and our friendly team combine an eclectic skillset with regular testing and updates to bring our clients the very best user experience.

Bolt-on Tools


The RE Management Information System integrates seamlessly with platform to combine multiple data feeds and give management teams an accurate, dynamic view of real estate sites, conditions and projects.

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REFlow bolts on with platform to help clients to deliver highly effective global real estate processes. Its customisable interface gives global teams a complete overview of active projects and statuses, and it can work as either a stand-alone portal or a powerful bolt-on to our main platform.

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