Our MIS platform has taken our existing property portfolio information from several static unlinked databases and transformed our information into a cloud-based process driven platform that has a clear layout with intuitive user interaction.

We’re calling this a positively disruptive software platform as we are now able to do so much more with not only increased efficiency across our whole team, but also providing easy access to information that was previously not available to view without special requests and a long response to request period.

In addition to our standard real estate reporting, we’re now able to import, cross reference and report on financial, occupancy and FM data. Using actual data from the originating source eliminates information being incorrect due to misinterpretation or passing through several process changes.

In addition to the sites search and information pages, we’re now managing all our estates programmes and projects with the MIS. Our team can access and manage a standardised turn key process and are able to share and comment on any notable activity within the platform without having to send and receive emails or file project resource, it all stays within the platform!

The About the Way development team have delivered an excellent platform that we intend to develop further over the next few years and we believe a real game changer for managing NHS real estate.

Gillian Stafford Director of Estates & Facilities at CNWL NHS Trust


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