Our platform supports organisations with gathering and communicating Real Estate and Workplace information, such as; Staff profiles, Brand and Design guidance, Project process, Building metrics and much more.

Ensuring anyone involved in developing Real Estate strategy and everyone involved with project delivery can have quick and easy access to a wide range of delivery tools and standardised resource.


Central source for Real Estate information. Shared global communications platform, providing team, consultant and supplier with a cloud based collaboration platform.

Content management

The portal has a full ‘on page’ content management system, enabling new sections and updates to be easily uploaded to the portal by in-house editors.

Information gathering

Dashboard view of data gathered from our modules or external data feeds. Supporting a dynamic, yet intuitive view for evidence based decision making.

Responsive design

Responsive page and image resizing ensures the site can be viewed and edited by multiple devices; smart phone, tablet and desktop computers.

Our cloud based platform can be configured to individual client requirements.

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Baseline portal

The baseline portal has a full ‘on page’ content management system to support in-house administration teams.

Intuitive information gathering

Designed specifically to support workplace projects, the survey modules are intuitive for the administration team as well as easy to use for the end users.


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Design Guide

Our interactive design guide feature provides an intuitive user journey to global design standards. Easily updated in-house to keep all information current. Users can access crucial data using visual navigation methodology.

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Global locations

Accessed via scaleable interactive map, the global locations feature helps view, manage and inform multiple property sites. It allows central and localised content management.

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The projects feature provides step by step project process guidance. Following standardised delivery, supporting local site delivery with access to documents, tools and team expertise. 

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Our workplace calculators provide a user friendly view of complex metrics. Setting out either strategic scenarios based on actual metrics or providing detailed Real Estate requirements based on data collated through our platform.

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Working with our partners Inovu who have 30 years’ experience in selecting the best of innovative technology products, bringing them together, to form the most cost effective data transfer solutions.

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Space booking

Integration with existing room booking systems.  We have the necessary compatibility to interact with your existing calendars in Google, Office 365, and Exchange. We can create unique systems if a more bespoke service is required.

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Data integration

Our content management system has been designed to allow external data feeds to be placed within any content area in the platform. Unique data feeds can be adapted to integrate with our own dashboard views.

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We are able to do on-device recognition and tracking, meaning, we have the ability to recognise images without a network connection. The technology has many convenient features that simplifies working with geo-referenced data.

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FM solutions

Gateway to Real Estate projects and data, pulling together disparate building databases, providing a site overview, function and condition, all sites connected to yearly budget allocations aligned to actual cost.

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The survey feature is intuitive for the administration team as well user friendly for the users. Build and launch your own survey or select a standard template. The survey generates visual individual, team and department profiles.

An eclectic and friendly group of experts

Our product has been developed by working with an eclectic group of industry experts, we believe in building the best user experience possible. Our fluid team come from many different disciplines and all have had an opportunity to create, test and reinvent the portal tools. We continue to develop and update '' and pride ourselves in listening to and working closely with our clients.

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